1891 index - Register No RG12/2757.

This is only part of the census index for Clay Cross.


The records are sorted by Last name/Folio/Page. The highlighted section below shows all those with the same last name in one household, although there might have been more people of a different surname in that particular household on census night. See second example. When viewing the film of the census at your local history library, you will be able to go straight to the Folio/Page where the household will be listed under the schedule.

In the printing trade the "folio" is the sheet of paper, which means it pertains to both sides - 'recto' and 'verso'. The folio number is the large printed number in the top right-hand corner of the sheet /page. (There is a page number as well). You need to check both sides of any
given folio. Details about Folio Numbers is from Blanche Charles.

Example of the information that is available.

Note: this household starts on the last line of page 18 and continue on page 19.


Last Name 	First name 	Age 	Folio 	Page 	Schedule
Allen		Emma Susan	44	154	18	90
Allen		George		32	155	19	90
Allen		Hannah		12	155	19	90
Allen		Thos Mattw	10	155	19	90
Allen		Mattw		8	155	19	90
Allen		John		6	155	19	90
Allen		Albert		4	155	19	90
Allen		Mary E		1	155	19	90
I have sorted all of the indexes and found this household. The lady at the top being 29 years 
older that the next, I assume could be mother and son, who took in boarders to pay some of the
household expenses.
Allen 		Ann 		59 	156 	22 	112
Allen 		Geo Edward 	30 	156 	22 	112
Buxton 		Fred 		27 	156 	22 	112
Degg 		William 	17 	156 	22 	112
Emson 		Elizabeth 	19 	156 	22 	112
Hodson 		Chas Sherly 	37 	156 	22 	112

This index is produced by the Derbyshire Family History Society and is published with their permission.

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