Myra RATCLIFFE died on Sunday the 22 Feb 1863 age 16

Taken from the District News section of The Derby Mercury, Wednesday, February 25, 1863; Issue 6830.

On Monday an inquest was held at Clay Cross on the body of a girl named Myra Ratcliffe, whose death had been caused by an explosion of gunpowder on Thursday the 19th inst. It appeared that on Thursday the deceased went into her father's shop to light the gas. In the shop was a barrel containing gunpowder, which had been left by a former tenant, and which being damp gas supposed to be lamp black. After lighting the gas the girl thoughtlessly threw the burning spell into the barrel "to see if it would go off," and it speedily exploded, knocking her down, and settling her clothes on fire. The girl cried, and her father attempted to enter the shop, but was prevented by the smoke and flames. A collier named Grainger succeeded, however, in obtaining an entrance and rescuing the girl, who was so seriously injured that she died on Sunday. Before her death she rallied sufficiently to give an account, which was entirely caused by her own folly. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."

Note - on the PR page, the records show that she died on the 17th Feb 1863, which was 2 days prior to the explosion if the dates/days above are correct (Neil)

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