Wills held at the Derbyshire Records Office with a Clay Cross connection.

The year is the year the Will was proved and not necessary the year of death. The place is the place from where the Will was written, not always where the person died, but most Wills were written in the place where a person died. Michael Spencer has collected these for members of Derbysgen mailing list. If you would like any of the Wills the  DRO where they are held will ask an initial fee of 10.35. However, Michael Spencer will charge 4 a Will plus copying and post. Reductions on larger orders. He  also offers to check the Will and give details from it to enable you to make an informed choice that it is the Will you want.

His e-mail is Mike

NOTE; The Wills for 1912 and 1916 to 1928 are can not be copied. They can be transcribed however at a slightly higher cost depending on the size of the Will. A full list of Derbyshire Wills can be found on John Palmers Wirksworth site.


Year Surname First names Location if not Clay Cross
1886 Armstrong Mark  
1885 Atkin Thomas  
1890 Bacon Frederick  
1867 Bamford James  
1876 Bennett James  
1887 Berks Eliza Derby and Clay Cross
1898 Blackner William Holmgate, Clay Lane
1882 Bowman John  
1906 Bradley Edward  
1918 Bradley Francis  
1865 Bradley Henry Handley, North Wingfield
1907 Bradley Henry Handley Lodge, Nr. Clay Cross
1914 Bradley John North Wingfield
1887 Bradley Joseph Handley, Clay Cross
1915 Bradley Joseph Mellor Handley, North Wingfield
1895 Brough Elizabeth  
1893 Brough Job  
1891 Butterfield William  
1866 Clark Joseph  
1874 Clegg Abraham Clay Lane
1898 Clegg George Clay Lane
1860 Cutts Aaron Pilsley, North Wingfield
1870 Cutts Archer Stretton, North Wingfield
1880 Cutts Benjamin Hagg House, Morton
1913 Cutts Elizabeth Annie Pilsley, Clay Cross
1892 Cutts Joseph  
1907 Cutts Joseph Nix Pilsley, North Wingfield
1875 Cutts Martha Pilsley, North Wingfield
1882 Cutts Samuel North Wingfield
1878 Cutts Sarah Danesmoor, North Wingfield
1900 Dore John  
1893 Dore William  
1917 Drabble Emma  
1889 Drabble Rosalind  
1918 Elliott Matthew Marrott  
1861 Ellse George Clay Lane, Clay Cross
1896 Ellse Henry  
1924 Finney Cecilia Ellen  
1892 Foster Willaim  
1859 Fox Francis Danesmoor, Clay Cross
1922 Fox George Henry Levi  
1891 Glegg Thomas  
1895 Greatorex Hanry   
1923 Greatorex Henry Albert  
1899 Greaves Jesse  
1870 Gregory Joseph  
1875 Grundy George Samuel  
1894 Handley William  
1879 Hardwick James  
1896 Hays Elizabeth  Hepthorn Lane, North Wingfield
1866 Hays Joseph  
1858 Hays Samuel  
1909 Hodson Charles Shirley  
1873 Holdsworth Samuel  
1878 Hopkinson David  
1894 Banks Elizabeth  
1897 Hopkinson George  
1898 Hopkinson John  
1906 Banks William  
1906 Houseley Benjamin North Wingfield
1907 Houseley John Clay Lane
1894 Jacques William  
1896 Kay Janet  
1898 Kay Thomas Valentine  
1896 Lamb Emily  
1905 Large William  
1892 Lee Ann  
1860 Mackarsie William John  
1868 Marriott John Stretton, North Wingfield
1874 Marriott Matthew Clay Lane, North Wingfield
1875 Marriott William Ankerbold, North Wingfield
1914 Martin Aerathea  
1913 Martin Robert  
1876 Morrell Humphrey  
1891 Nutt William Robert  
1916 Oxley Robert  
1901 Parker Elizabeth Ann  
1890 Parker George  
1877 Parkin John  
1910 Pepper George  
1884 Purdy William  
1907 Pymble Ann  
1868 Reece Thomas Danesmoor, Clay Lane, North Wingfield
1898 Robinson Joseph  
1903 Robinson Mary  
1911 Robinson Robert Clare  
1870 Robinson Thomas Staveley Works and Clay Cross
1886 Roper Charles  
1918 Short James Handley, Clay Cross
1917 Hannah Smedley  
1875 Smith Ann  
1920 Smith Emma  
1917 Smith George  
1912 Smith John of Clay Cross chemist, mentions wife Emma, son John Harold, son Percy Cowper SMITH, daughter Winifred Mary
1876 Smith John Thomas  
1925 Smith Samuel  
1865 Stoppard Ann Tupton Moor, Clay Cross
1889 Stoppard Harriet Clay Cross
1879 Stoppard Joseph Danesmoor
1895 Stoppard William New Tupton
1868 Taylor Elizabeth  
1885 Udall Prestwood John  
1879 Wagstaff William  
1900 Watlers Tryhena  
1862 Widdowson George  
1878 Wilson Richard  
1880 Wilson William John  
1917 Wood Anthony  
1898 Wood Thomas  
1903 Worthy James  

Mike's latest venture is to note those Mentioned In Wills  
Samuel HAYS of Clay Cross, Beerhouse keeper mentions;
wife Hannah
son William (actually Cornelius Wm HAYS)
son in law Oliver BRASSINGTON
dau in law Eliza wife of Wm BIRKS (sic)
dau Tryphena wife of Charles WAIN
Albert WAIN
Samuel WAIN
son in law Wm SLACK
George WILSON witness
Geo WHARTON witness
Abraham HURT witness
made 1856
James SMITH Melbourne Gent mentions;
wife Ann
son James
son in law James BAMFORD of Clay Cross
bro Cornelius
son in law Isaac TWELLS
son Francis
dau Emma TWELLS
dau Frances TWELLS
Mr THOMPSON draper Melbourne
five cottages in Clay Cross
shop in London Rd, Nottingham on loan to Wm SMITH
grandson Wm LAKIN
grand daughter Lydia BAMFORD
No 1412 Burial Plot Nottingham Cemetery
dau Mary MATHER
dau Maria JOHNSON
James Joseph DOLMAN Surgeon Melbourne
Henry Wm FOX Solr Melbourne
Thomas GILL Baptist Minister
John CAMPION grocer Melbourne
Robert HALL
Wm John MACKARSIE Clay Cross surgeon and apothecary mentions;
wife Ellen Eliza Coleman MACKARSIE
friend Chas BINNS Clay Cross Gent
friend Wm CLAYTON Chesterfield Gent
dau Eliza Jane Martha MACKARSE
dau Sarah Parker MACKARSIE
dau Elizabeth Binns MACKARSIE
Wm HORNE witness
made 1858
Richard RHODES Clay Cross beer house keeper, mentions;
wife Hannah
nephey (sic) James BRAILSFORD
John PARKER witness Chesterfield brewers traveller
Frances Amory PARKER
Wm CLAYTON Commisioner
John SHIPMAN Clay Cross District pattin maker, mentions;
wife Lucy Wigley SHIPMAN
dau Emma SHIPMAN
bro in law Edward SEDGWICK
bro in law Saml SEDGWICK
sister in law Emma SOUTER
Geo BAILEY witness
Abraham HURT witness
made 1858
Henry ASHMORE Holmgate Nth Wingfield linen manufacturer, mentions;
property in Clay Cross
occs Joseph DRONFIELD, Thomas VARDY, Benjamin ALLEN
Henry HOLMES son of my late neph Richard HOLMES
Mary Ann ARMSTRONG and
Sarah ARMSTRONG their grandmother Sarah HOLMES, widow of Richard HOLMES
neph George HOLMES (bro of Richard HOLMES)
Hannah wife of Wm MOSELEY (late Hannah REVILL dau of Edward REVILL)
Hannah wife of Thomas BROWN of Holmgate, labourer.
friend William SHEMWELL Holmgate
Frederick William SHEMWELL witness
William THORPE witness
Thomas GOODALL Ashover Hay farmer, mentions;
land in Milltown
son Richard, Clay Cross surgeon
brother Richard
son George farmer
dau Hannah wife of Geo HASLAM
wife Hannah
son Thomas
Wm BASSETT printer Ashover witness
Thomas SMEDLEY mason Ashover Hay witness
John HODGKINSON Clay Cross, yeoman, mentions;
wife Ann
dau Ellen
dau Ann
son Edward
"my dwelling house in New Inn Yard now in occ of Geo BURNELL
occ Clay Cross Wm WILSON Surgeon, Mrs MACKARSIE, Saml GEE,
son John
Saml CUTTS Danesmoor farmer property Holmgate
John DRABBLE witness
Geo BAILEY witness
Saml DORE witness
Joseph CLARK Clay Cross collier, mentions;
son Wm
son Richard
friend Geo PARKER Colliery viewer Clay Cross
dau Ann CLARK
dau Eliza CLARK
dau Elizabeth CLARK
dau Martha CLARK
dau Sarah CLARK
son Joseph
John HUDSON witness
Ame GREEN witness
Joseph HAYS, farmer, coal owner, Clay Cross, mentions;
Joseph LINACRE son of Mary BYARD formerly Mary LINACRE
Mr ELLIOTTS property
Mr COWLEYS property
Elizebeth BROWNE
Ann Sarah BROWNE dau of Elizebeth
Eliza BROWNE dau of Elizebeth
wife Lavinia HAYS and her son Wolstan Flint MARSHALL
James CAMPBELL engineer, Stavely
John WARD cashier to Wingerworth Coal Co. of Anker Bold house nr Tupton
Reuben BAILEY witness
George FRETWELL witness
John ROOTH late of Clay Cross now of Derby innkeeper, mentions;
wife Clementine
mother Ann MORGAN widow
friend Matthew Thomas HOPKINSON Woodthorpe. Gent
sister Elizabeth wife of John HANCOCK of Dronfield
J HOPKINSON Solr. Chesterfield witness
John HOLMES Clay Cross and late of Belper, nail maker, mentions;
son in law William CLAYTON Manchester Provision Dealer
grandson Wm CLARK Clay Cross, miner
grandson Thomas HOLMES ,Belper
son George
son William
son John
dau Ann CLARK
dau Mary Ann SHELTON
dau Elizabeth CLAYTON
dau Charlotte BRIGGS
Testator died 11 Mar 1866 Clay Cross.
Tho UNWIN of N Wingfield tailor mentions;
dau Ann wife of Geo MILNES Clay Cross
friend John TAYLOR N Wingfield
property at Brampton
grand son Walter MILNES
Tho DRABBLE witness
Tho HOPKINSON witness
John TAYLOR farmer
Ann HUNT (but not seen in the presence of each other.)
Matthew MARRIOTT Clay Lane retired farmer,mentions;
son Joseph, engine tenter
son Matthew, engine tenter
Charles BRINLOW? witness
George CLEGG witness
Ann SMITH of Clay Cross widow, mentions;
friend Wm WALLACE of Nottingham
friend Wm MYCROFT Clay Cross joiner
Richard WOODWARD Innkeeper North Wingfield  "one sofa"
neph Wm BAMFORD of Staveley
Richard BINGHAM witness
Solomon BANSALL witness
made 1871

From Mike and we are not sure where to put this, but it mentions Wm Mycroft who is listed above.
Conveyance by Geo Wm BROWN of Gya in Bebar, India and others to Wm MYCROFT of a messuage in Clay Lane.

Humphrey MORRELL Clay Cross coal miner, mentions;
late father Ben MORRELL
wife Ellen
J T? MARSH witness
Jno MARSH witness
made 1867



Again, compiled by Michael Spencer. These Administrations cover more than is listed here, depending on the circumstances they may reveal date of death, occupations, children and ages, if a wife remarried, who acted as sureties other references like died sea and name of ship (not on this particular list) and people who started to Admin estate but died themselves soon afterwards, people who are acting as guardians to children and value of estate. They are a goldmine of information. They do not contain, obviously bequests, because as you are aware they are not Wills. Administrations cannot be photocopied, however a full transcription is three pounds. He also does limited research and can obtain copies of parish register entries if desired.

Year Ref First name Surname Other details
1860 167 Mary SHARPE Clay Cross  died 1856
1860 168 Joseph MARRIOTT Tibshelf, labourer died 1839    Wm Marriott farmer, Newmarket, N Wingfield
1860 169 John MARRIOTT Woolley Moor, labourer died 1853  Wm. Marriott, Newmarket, N Wingfield
1863 241 John PARKER Clay Cross, mentions Isabella PARKER
1865 263 John GULLIVER of Clay Cross died 1861, mentions George GULLIVER of Northampton
1868 225 Ann TRUEMAN Hasland, mentions Thomas TRUEMAN Clay Cross
1868 229 Charles WHITWORTH Heath, mentions John WHITWORTH, William WHITWORTH Clay Cross
1871 44 Thomas BROWN Clay Cross, mentions Sarah BROWN
1871 60 Martha PURDY Higham, mentions William PURDY Clay Cross
1871 65 George SHAW Clay Cross, mentions John SHAW North Wingfield
1871 81 John HAZZLEDINE Clay Cross, mentions Alice HAZZLEDINE
1872 155 Joseph Cooke SPALTON Clay Cross died 1868 Chesterfield mentions Elizabeth SPALTON Quarndon
1872 176 Frederic George DENTON Clay Cross mentions Emma DENTON. Note from Michael - Emma Denton is the Administrator. However it does not necessarily mean she is Frederic's wife. She could be his daughter, an aunt, a sister or mother or even grand-mother.
1872 185 William WHITWORTH Clay Cross mentions Mary WHITWORTH
1872 244 Elizabeth ELLIS Clay Cross mentions George ELLIS, Eliza ELLIS
1872 259 Gladwin TURBUTT Ogston Hall mentions Ellen TURBUTT



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