Methodist New Connexion Registers.

Lists provided by Michael Spencer.


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Clay Cross Methodist New Connexion

Baptisms 1866 - 1882.

27 Feb 1867 Jeanie Gordon aged 2yr 6m and John Harry aged 3yr 3m of Peter McNAB and his wife Jeanie Gordon of Callender, Stirlingshire.

28 Apr 1867 Thos aged 3m, of Rowland and Sarah Ann WILSON, Coney Green, North Wingfield.

1 Sep 1867 Florance son (sic) aged 3 wks of Saml and Elizabeth WILBRAHAM, High Street, Clay Cross.

15 Nov 1867 Alfred Henry aged 2yrs 7m, of Geo and Sarah CARTLEDGE, Danesmoor.

15 Nov 1867 Geo Wild aged 1yr 3m as above.

15 Nov 1867 Rebecca aged 3 wks as above.

26 Apr 1868 Joseph Arthur aged 13 of Alvery and Maria HOUGHTON, Tibshelf.

26 Apr 1868 Tho Atkin aged 2yr 3m, of Tho and Ann SEARS, Clay Cross.

This child was adopted. The the son of Tho ATKIN, of Clay Cross.

21 Oct 1868 John Henry aged 9wks, of Tho and Nary WHISTON, Woodthorpe.

25 Oct 1868 Martha Lydia Eneas aged 1yr 11m 10days of Joseph and Mary ROBINSON, Clay Cross.

6 Sep 1868 Mary Ann aged 1 wk of Saml and Martha SHIMWELL, Danesmoor.

21 Feb 1869 Sarah Ellen aged 2wks of Tho and Ann WELDON, Danesmoor.

2 Nov 1870 Minnie aged 12 wks, of Tho and Mary WHISTON, Woodthorpe.

7 Aug 1878 Ada aged 11 mths of Henry Matthew and Ann YATES, Waterloo St.

12 Nov 1879 Saml Henry aged 4 wks, of Michael and Mary Elizb BACON, Old Danesmoor.

28 Feb 1880 William aged 1yr 2 wks, of Wm and Elizb COOK, Clay Cross.

14 Aug 1881 James Abbott of John and Annie Elizabeth BUNTING, Morton.

13 Apr 1882 Earnest Geo born 14 Jun 1880 of Tho and Emily HOLMES, Clay Cross.




Danesmoor Methodist New Connexion

Baptisms 1894-1908

9 Dec 1894 David aged 3 years of Henry and Mira Jane RAYBOULD, Danesmoor.

9 Dec 1894 Wm aged 3wks, as above.

4 Oct 1896 James aged 3wks 5days of James and Annie SWAIN, Tibshelf.

16 Mar 1897 Ethel Gibson aged 4 wks 6 days of Tho Henry and Harriet Ruth GOODGE, Hepthorne Lane,

18 Jun 1899 Ammon Richman aged 5 wks of Ellis and Minnie Ann MARSH, Derby.

10 Sep 1899 Tho. aged 1m son of Arthur and Frances WEBSTER, Clay Cross.

26 Nov 1899 Ivy  aged 3 wks 6 days of John Henry and Elizabeth GOODALL, Clay Cross.

2 Jul 1901 Wm. aged  4wks 6 days of Wm and Alice Maria TUCKLEY, Clay Cross.

1 Sep 1901 Earnest Frank aged 10 wk 4 days of James and Agnes BRAILSFORD, Doe Lea.

13 Oct 1901 Clara Ann aged 4 wks of Arthur and Frances WEBSTER, Clay Cross .

22 Jun 1902 James Edward aged 3 wk 1 day of John Henry and Elizabeth GOODALL, Clay Cross.

26 May 1903 Effie May aged 2 wks 6 days of Albert and Mary Jane SMITH, Clay Cross.

25 Oct 1903 Harold of Joseph Isaac and Helna Agusta SHELTON, Holmewood,4 wks 2 days

16 Oct 1904 Doris aged 4 wks 4 days of Arthur and Harriet Eliza INGLETON, Chesterfield.

26 Mar 1905 Ronald Harris of Albert and Mary Jane SMITH, Shuttlewood, Chesterfield.

1 Mar 1908 John Joshua aged 4 wk 4 days of Joseph and Elizabeth JONES, Holmewood Heath.



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