School Admissions Registers

Taken from Admission Registers around the County transcribed by Michael Spencer.


Adm 15/4/84
Name John DENNIS
Res Hen Park
DOB 3/3/74
Last School Clay Cross
Left --

More about John Dennis from the School Register:-

25 Jun 1885 caned John DENNIS for insolence and obstinacy. He left the school by a window.

The comment below was a result of the DENNIS factor, who plagued the school. The Admission Register indicates he came from Clay Cross and the move to a smaller school and area was probably difficult for him to adjust to

Order is very much better this week, but there is a strong feeling of antagonism against the teacher.

20 Jul 1885 John DENNIS returned to School today for the first time since Jun 25th .He again refused to obey me and resisted even to fighting .I expelled him.

18 Sep 1885 Eliza, James and John DENNIS re-admitted on Monday

It would seem when John was expelled the rest of the family were kept of school.

Clay Cross Park House School

Name; Harold HEARD
Adm; 10/1/1916
DOB; 5/11/1907
Parent; Herbert
Address; Pilsley
Last school; Beeston, Notts
Left; 3/3/1916
Reason; Left district

Name; George Edward LYNAM
Adm; 1/2/1916
DOB; 24/3/1909
Parent; Alfred
Address; Danesmoor
Last School; Grassmoor
Left; 17/1/21916
Reason; left district

Name; Bertie CALRKE
Adm; 6/9/1915
DOB; 12/5/1904
Parent; James
Address; The Square, Danesmoor
Last school; Mansfield
Left; 15/6/1917
Reason; work

Name; Samuel BRADSHAW
Adm; 30/8/1915
DOB; 11/7/1908
Parent; Emily
Address; 238 Danesmoor
Last school; Danesmoor
Left; 30/9/1921
Reason; work


Name; Mary CUTTS
Adm; 19/7/1875
Parent; J CUTTS
Address; Clay Lane
Left; Aug 1880

Name; Elizabeth CUTTS
Adm; 19/7/1875
Parent; J CUTTS ay
Address; Clay Lane

Name; Albertina BARLOW
Adm; 13/9/1875
Parent; J BARLOW
Address; Danesmoor

Adm; 27/8/1889
Parent/Guardian; John GASCOIGNE
Previous School; Ashover Board
Left; 17/3/1890

Name; Mary Ann LEE
Adm; 8/7/1889
DOB; 23/5/1881
Parent; Anthony LEE
Address; Danesmoor
Prevoius school; Higham
Left; 28/3/1890

Name; John W CLAY
Adm; 15/1/1889
DOB; 26/3/1883
Parent; John CLAY
Address; Waterloo Street
Previous school; Wrexham National School
Left; 29/5/1889

Name; Sarah A MARRIOTT
Adm; 31/10/1887
DOB; 24/3/1874
Parent; James MARRIOTT
Address; Stretton
Previous school; Hanley CS
Left 12/3/1888

Name; Tom W SADLER
Adm; 4/10/1887
DOB; 8/8/1882
Parent; Henry SADLER
Address; Clay Lane
Previous chool; Tansley
Left; 22/9/1888

Name; Elizabeth CUPIT
Adm; 11/1/1887
DOB; 15/5/1882
Parent; Augustine CUPIT

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