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By Barbara Winder

A selection from her father's notebooks

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Rooting through father's things in the attic I found a small red booklet of Clay Cross Cricket Club - I believe they played on the old miner's welfare park between Danesmoor and Clay Cross.
Thought some of you might be interested in the names of the committee and players:-

First team joint captains- G. R. Jackson and H. H. Jackson.
Acting Captain - Mr J. Harris.
Vice - Mr G Green.
Second Team - captain - Mr J.  Draycott.
Vice - Mr H.  Unwin.

President of Club was Gen.  G. M. Jackson D. L. ,J. P.
Vice Presidents:
Capt.  G.  Nicholson
Capt.  R. Hills.
Capt.  H. H. Jackson.
Capt.  G. B. Jackson.
Miss H. J. C. Jackson.
Capt. E. B. Johnson.
Capt. O. B. Wilson.
Dr. Wilson.
Mr. J. Steen.
Mr. R. Wilkinson.
Mr. G. W. Dickinson.
Mr. A. Heaslington.
Mr. M. Marriott.
Mr. J. V. Newton.
Mr. S. Wilbraham
Mr. C. McPherson.
Mr. E. H. Huddleston.
Mr. J. E. Quilter.
Mr. A. Slack.
Mr. G. S. Hollister.
Mr. G. Kenning. J. P. C. C.
Mr. J. Spriggs.
Mr. W. Wain.
Mr. E. Hodgkinson.
Mr. S. Glazzard.
Mr. W. E. Walker.
Mr. W. T. Salway. J. P. C. C.
Mr. S. C. Haigh.
Mr. A. Hunter.
Mr. S. Orme.
Mr. G. J. Underwood.
Mr. G. H. Wilbraham.
Mr. J. H. Clarke.

General Committee:-
Messrs K.  Bryan, S.  Orme, G.  Shelton, W.  Wain snr, G.  E.  Heslington, J.  Spriggs, E.  Armstrong, G.  Walvin, G.  Baker, A.  Fearn, M.  Pugh, H.  Davidson, G. H. Wilbraham, E. Hodgkinson.

Hon. Secretary:
Mr. E. Pugh.
Market Street, Clay Cross.

Assistant Hon. Secretary:
Mr. H. Ashmore.
Hon. Treasurer:
Mr. J. Steen.
Hon.  Auditors:
Mr. R. Wilkinson.
Mr. J. W. Titterton.
Messrs G. Crampton.
G. Walvin.

They began on May 6th, and played till Sept 23rd.
Fixtures included Glapwell, Hardwick, Matlock, Pilsley, Bolsover, Tibshelf, Chesterfield, and Langwith.
The second team played Killamarsh, Dronfield, Hardwick, Arkwright Town, Tupton, Chesterfield, Staveley, Sheepbridge, Tibshelf and Pilsley.

Incidentally father seems to have noted the scores on the first two matches and then given up.  He was unmarried and 23 at the time so perhaps he had other fish to fry.



Order of Foresters

I have a green old book giving the rules of this order published in 1926. I believe father joined it on 28th June 1930, when he was about to be married, for the sick pay insurance it bought, and 'paid his dues' for many years.
It met at the Primitive Schoolroom Clay Cross. The court was called Prosperity and was a branch of the Bagthorpe District.
The Chief Ranger was JIM FLETCHER and the Secretary A. MOSEBY.
To join you had to be between 16-45 with a certificate from a doctor to say you were healthy (and your wife also if you were married). It paid out until you were 70. The younger you were on entry the less your monthly payments, which began at 1 shilling and 9 pence. If sick you had to produce the same doctor's certificate on a weekly basis, and couldn't get sick pay for injuries during fighting! He also didn't get paid if in a workhouse or asylum! Wife got nothing if she was living apart or committed adultery. When sick he had to stay in the area, not gamble or drink.
In the courts members were fined 3 pence for interruptions and six pence for swearing.

Three members that signed the rules in 1926 were:

WALTER BANSALL was the Secretary.
W. H. BLOUNT the District Secretary.

Later changes to those in charge included:



I have green card showing the rules of the above club, which met at the RED TRIANGLE INSTITUTE CLAY CROSS. The Hon. Sec. was MR C. SMITH, Slater Street CLAY CROSS.
The illustrations and what I know of him suggest Dad was a member in the 1920s.
I thought you might enjoy some of the rules!

The club's object was 'social cycling amongst its members'. Subscriptions were one pence a week and there was an annual meeting on May 1st, with fortnightly meetings in the season to arrange rides.

The Captain would "at all times lead the club" and "no member shall pass him, without permission except when riding up hill". The Vice-Captain "shall on no occasion pass a member, his duty being to ride in the rear of the club".
I don't think ladies were allowed to be members but they were allowed to visit! "Lady visitors shall ride on the side nearest the footpath" and "members introducing friends to rides must render them assistance in case of need excepting in the case of lady visitors"- doesn't say what happened to them!
The fine for breaking a rule was one penny! And most puzzling of all, the "recognition call for use on the road is 'Stute'"
The whistle signals were equally complex.
If the Captain whistled: one meant slow up, two all up, three dismount, a succession, single file.
If the Vice Captain whistled: one long meant ease up at front. two a member off, and three 'all right behind'.
Hope you liked that.



The last bit I've found to day is a puzzle because I've no idea what it was. I presume it was some kind of pseudo-Masonic men's club, but I don't have any rules for it.
It was based in Clay Cross and father joined it in 1932, when he was married! It cost 5 shillings a year to join.
Life President was DR. W. M. DUNCAN O.B.E.
President- G. KENNING ESQ. J.P., C.C.
Chairman- Mr. F. TUCKLEY.
Hon. Treasurer-Mr. F. BARKER.
Hon.Sec.-MR. G. T. BAILEY.
Ass. Sec. MR. J. W. PETTS.

Note - The brotherhood still meet at the snooker hall (YMCA) on The Broadleys.



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